FEBRUARY 23-24, 2018 

Wonder Full




Jan Aldridge has a "now" word for a generation that is looking for "real" answers. Jan is a unique, straightforward communicator of raw spiritual truths and prophetic insight which has placed her in great demand at conferences and churches worldwide. Her desire is for all to know Christ in a way that is real, honest and tangible. Her ministry and unique delivery cuts straight to the heart. She'll have you crying one minute and laughing the next, but you'll get the message - the message of Jesus Christ. 

Miraculously healed of a rare birth defect at the age of seventeen, Jan reaches across barriers of denomination, social class and race. Her transparent approach to ministry allows her to connect with her audience on both a spiritual and personal level. She's not moved by titles, names or numbers. If you ask Jan for her definition of a "successful ministry", she'll tell you it's "being where God wants you to be and ministering to whom God wants you to minister to each and every day...ministry is ministry whether it's for one woman at a well or 5000 on a hill side."  

Jan has never been married and has no children, but she is a spiritual mother, daughter and sister to many. She currently splits her time between Virginia and Tennessee. You will be blessed, challenged and changed as you experience the dynamic ministry of this chosen servant of God.





From tears to cheers, and everything in between! When you experience Pam’s ministry live, that’s the journey you’ll be on, and it may well be the journey of a lifetime.

Pam uses her incredible anointing and unimaginable talent in the form of worship, ballads, preaching, and testimony to take us with her in and out of painful experiences and deep looks into our insecurities and failures. The masks created by our hurts and rejections, held in place by the Enemy himself, fall away easily in the presence of the Holy Spirit as Pam shares her life and her music.

She grew up loving the church and its songs, and in over 30 years of ministry has only grown in her appreciation for just how powerful that sweet sound of faith can be. Married to her husband, Doug, for 32 years, she is the mother of Kyle, 24, and Kacy, 21.

Having served as Worship Pastor in each of the four churches they have led, she was “let go” by her own husband in 2005 so she could focus all her energy on this ministry! She has released her sixth album and travels throughout the nation in ministry. This work includes church services, conferences, and special events where Believers desire a deep and lasting touch of God.

The focus of her ministry is the tender work of the Holy Spirit, culminating in an altar call that is life-changing. Thousands have been swept into the presence of God in these seasons of prayer and healing. In an atmosphere of honesty and brokenness, lives are dedicated to the Lord, addictions are broken, and hope is restored in even the darkest conditions. 
 Pam has been a Pastor’s wife for over 30 years.

  •  Opening performer for Carmen, The Martins, John Starnes, Kay Arthur & Cal Thomas
  •  Worked with various producers including Phil Keaggy, Terry Blackwood, John Starnes, Jeff Duffield and Joe Moshceo 
  •  Guest Speaker & Lead worship leader for many churches and National Women’s Conferences including The Woman of Purpose Conference in Hershey, PA with guest speakers Ruth Puleo, Kay Arthur, Lisa Bevere, Bobbie Mason & Lillian Sparks
  •  National Preferred speakers list for the AOG and Potomac District.
  •  Has sung duets with Jason Crabb, John Starnes 
  •  Co-founder of Cry of Deliverance International in which she performed in Tanzania East Africa, the Island of Zanzibar & in various cities throughout Nicaragua.