Application Procedure

The following steps are for ANYONE interested in obtaining first-time credentials:

STEP 1: Applicant Survey Form

Click here to request an Applicant Survey Form.  We will ask for your full name, home address and the name of your Potomac Network church and pastor.  This will set in motion the process by where you and your pastor will meet with your presbyter for an initial interview.

STEP 2: Educational Requirements

All applicants must meet the appropriate educational requirements for the level of credentials being sought.

STEP 3: Application Packet

Once we receive the recommendation to move forward from your intial interview, you will be sent the Application Packet. The following items must be received at our office in order to proceed: 1) the General Council application with a picture attached, 2) application fee, 3) authorization forms, 4) background check disclosure, and 5) an acceptabe report from the General Council required background/credit check.

STEP 4: Examination

Once these items are received and processed, applicants will be sent a letter of invitation to the written examination and the exam synopsis. Credential written examinations are given in April and September for the certified and license level, and in December for the ordination level.  ALL paperwork must be completed and in our office one month prior to the exam date.

STEP 5: Credential Committee Interview

Applicants will be informed of the date to meet with the Credentials Interview Committe. (Conducted regionally.)