The following qualifications pertain to all applicants for ministerial recognition:

  1. Salvation:  Testimony of having experienced the new birth (John 3:5).
  2. Baptism in the Holy Spirit:  Testimony to having received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial physical evidence of speaking in tongues (Acts 2:4).
  3. Evidence of call:  Clear evidence of a divine call to ministry, evidenced by a personal conviction, confirmed by the work of the Spirit and the testimony of fellow ministers.
  4. Christian Character:  A blameless Christian life and good report of those who are without (Titus 1:7, 1 Timothy 3:7). This includes in practical detail that all applicants must state a willingness to abstain from using tobaco, alcohol, illegal or recreational drugs in any form, and involvement with pornography or gambling.
  5. Doctrinal position:  A thorough understanding of and agreement with the doctrinal position of the Assemblies of God as contained in the Statement of Fundamental Truths.
  6. Assemblies of God polity:  A satisfactory working knowledge of the principles, practices and purposes of the Fellowship through a study of the General Council and Potomac Ministry Network Constitution and Bylaws.
  7. Commitment to the Fellowship:  An active loyalty to the constitutional agreements, a cooperative spirit, and a readiness to seek and receive the counsel of those in positions of authority.