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HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries

Potomac Men's Ministries partners with HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries.


About HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries

The mission of HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries is to disciple men and women to go beyond the walls of the church building and out into the community to share the salvation message of Jesus Christ.

Howard Raney
Northeast Regional Chaplain

After pastoring for over 30 years and being a presbyter in the Arkansas District, Howard and Debbie Raney never dreamed that God would call them to the most exciting and challenging mission field possible…the United States of America!

The Chaplaincy Ministries of the Assemblies of God have asked the Raney’s to serve as one of their HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry, National Missionary/Chaplain to bikers. Howard and Debbie have prayerfully accepted this position of being commissioned as Chaplains, and appointed as AGUS Missionaries.

Howard and Debbie are working out of the Potomac Ministry Network covering the Northeastern region, which includes 12 states and Washington, DC. They are also covering Ohio and Michigan.

  • There are over 9 million bikers and motorcyclists as well as their families.
  • 1.7 to 2 million bikers and motorcyclists live in the 12 state and DC region of the Northeastern United States, making it the highest concentration of bikers in America.
  • Many motorcycle clubs are made up of veterans who have served their country with distinction.
  • Because of their lifestyle, many will die younger and lost without Christ.

In most cases, the “real” people represented by the following statistics will not be reached by the traditional church. We must “take the church to the people!”

The Raney’s are convinced that God will raise up an army of prayer warriors to intercede for the biker community.

Howard and Debbie would be honored to share their vision and ministry with you and your church. Please contact them for more information about HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries.