LEAD Conference 2019




Pastor Frank Potter - "The Issachar Anointing" // LEAD 2019



Pastor Chris Hodges - "Open Your Eyes" // LEAD 2019



Pastor Scott Wilson - "Trust In God" // LEAD 2019



Ordination // LEAD 2019




Tuesday Sessions

How to Be a Leader People Love to Follow

Bryan Briggs // Auditorium


Leading With Kingdom Authority

Scott Martin // Room 3


Crucial Conversations

Stephanie Chappell // Theater 2


What Happens in the Dark (Sin of Isolation)

Keith Edwards // Room 4


Yours, Mine, or His? (Illegal Ownership)

Frank Potter // Auditorium


How to Pastor Your City and Not Just Your Church

Patrick Grach // Theater 1


How Planning Center Can Grow Your Church

Adam Lee // Room 3


How to Lead a Multi-Site Church

Mark Morrow // Room 4


7 Ways to Build a High Touch Environment

Dan Hunter // Theater 2


How to Finish Strong and Land Safe

Dr. Robert Rhoden // Auditorium


Grow Yourself, Grow Your Church by Growing His Kingdom

Mark Lehman // Room 3


Mixed Teams (Shifting Culture for NextGen Leaders)

Lisa Potter // Theater 1


Kingdom Citizenship and a Politically Divided Nation

Scott Leib // Room 4


Meet Gen Z

Dan Hunter // Theater 2


Breaking Through Barriers (Churches 500 and Over)

Chris Hodges // Auditorium


Building Effective Teams

Scott Wilson // Theater 1


The Power of Your Presence (Digital Space)

Anthony Gehin // Room 3


Small: Thought or Perspective?

Ric Lewellen // Theater 2




Navigating Racial Tensions (Let Love Lead)

Travis Jones // Theater 2


The Power of Your Presence (Digital Space)

Anthony Gehin // Theater 1


I Will Pour Out My Spirit on my Daughters (Why Women in Ministry are Valuable for the Health of the Church)

Crystal Martin // Theater 1


Best Practices for Live Worship

Pete Gillott // Theater 2


Spirit Empowered Services That Aren't "Weird or Two Hours Long"

Scott Wilson // Auditorium


Big Team, Little You

Dan Hunter // Theater 1


Dynamics of Healthy Team Communication

Brandon Samuel // Room 3


Youth Ministry Small Groups That Matter

TJ Denman // Room 4


The following videos have been excluded per the request of the presenters:

"How Tech Produces an Atmosphere of Worship" by Sam Lussier

"Side by Side: Ministering as a Husband and Wife Team" by Scott & Crystal Martin