Rural Church Initiative

Through our Rural Compassion Initiative, Convoy of Hope resources, empowers and partners with rural churches through training, mentoring and coaching. We believe their increased presence and partnership with local leaders will help strengthen and enrich their communities.


Kim & Laurel Harvey

“Rural Compassion is just now scratching the surface of what’s possible.  We served as rural pastors in Northern California for 28 years and know the passion of the calling, as well as the numerous difficulties, trials, struggles, and obstacles.  We know the need and want to help equip these pastors to be and to do what God called them to do.  We are so excited to come to work, to get to the office, because it literally sends us out to the world.”


About the Harvey's:

Kim and Laurel love to get their hands dirty, getting creative in home improvement and gardening projects around the house.  That same spirit of digging in to see growth, change, and life carries over into their service with Rural Compassion.  They know that rural pastors need resources and relationships and are passionate about creating financial bases for pastors and churches to draw from.  Kim and Laurel believe that rural churches are able to lift and strengthen communities as a whole, and when they do this, God’s Spirit leads transformation in new and exciting ways.